Who is behind The Moderation-ist?

I have thirty minutes to address some of the Whats and Whys of this blog.

Who is behind The Moderation-ist?

  • Someone in your neighbourhood in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Moderation-ist has lived abroad in London for a few years before returning home. Over the 20 odd years the Moderation-ist has roamed the earth, she has learnt a few lessons that she thinks would be valuable to others. She has indirectly assisted others in achieving a career change, and at the same time she is learning a thing or two in business and lifestyle. And yes, she was a good student too.

What is this blog about?

  • The Moderation-ist loves travelling, learning and trying new things out. In this blog, the Moderation-ist will share about what she loves or what she has learnt, without going to the extreme.
  • This blog will be a generalist blog, covering topics she cares about, such as the environment (ZeroWaste), minimalism, productivity, business and so on!
  • Check out The Moderation-ist’s Footprint! Flight Journey


Written 30/9/2018