A Year in Review: 2018

It is the second last day of 2018, so it obviously calls for the typical, “A Year in Review” post. How do I start? I guess my new year resolutions for 2018 are a good place to start.

At the end of 2017, I had 3 new year resolutions that I was really determined to achieve, and 1 that’s like always at my backpocket, but I was never too hung up about not achieving it. I will reveal it in a second.

The 3 new year resolutions were:

  1. Get a new job – I was really unhappy with my previous job, aka my first job. What added further to the blow were perhaps the fact that I was fresh out of college, and that I had to leave the place I really loved. Having worked at other great global institutions before, I would downright call the work culture at my previous company uninspiring. It is a place where most people only strive for mediocrity. While I’ve met great people from my previous job that I still call friends today, but I am still gonna say this: I feel so glad that it’s behind me now.
  2. Read 26 books a year – This was a slight increase from my target of 20 books in 2017, and I’ve successfully, completed 37 books! Check out my reading list here. (Recap: I ended up reading 29 books in 2017, mostly in the 2nd half as I was busy working on my thesis + travelling in the 1st half of 2017)
  3. Budgeting – I scored poorly on the personal finance aspect, and after reading If You Can: How Millennials Can Get Rich Slowly (literally just a pamphlet – check it out) and being inspired by the guy behind Only If Necessary, I’ve decided to start tracking, and oh boy, does it make a difference. I use EveryDollar for this purpose.

It seems like I’ve achieved my 3 new year resolutions! Hooray! I will now reveal the resolution that was in my backpocket, and that is – GET FIT. I’ve probably had this in my list for many years, but I never cared enough to cross it out. I gave myself lots of excuses, like, “What is the definition of fit anyway?” or “It is just not for someone like me,” or “I have a bad heart.” (This is obviously bullshit – I scaled a 1,345m mountain, albeit slowly, I still completed that)

For the previous years, I would honestly admit that I’ve tried nothing at all to even get close to that goal, but in 2018, things were different. I got moving. They were all baby steps, but they were good enough to get me started. I also shed some weight in the process and I am really happy about that. This is a resolution that I will always include in my list, but from 2018 onwards, it will be different 🙂

Lots have happened in 2018. I got a new job, completed my first 10km run, moved to a new apartment, extracted a total of 4 teeth, finally had braces on, started a long distance relationship with someone who is 10,000 miles away (how did that happen again?), went home home for the first time in 4 years, met new friends, did an actual side gig for half a year, reconnected with some old friends, started this blog, meddled with minimalism and zero waste lifestyle and so much more!

As 2019 is coming right at me, here are my resolutions for 2019!

  1. Start journaling – to document things down! It is hard to remember everything without a medium, and I’m really glad that I discovered Bullet Journal.
  2. Project “One Fun Thing A Month” –  There’s only one condition to this – it has to be something I’ve never done before! This is to encourage myself to not be a stay-at-home hermit, I will update them here!
  3. Read 26 books a year – keeping up with the tradition. The reason why I am not increasing the number is because I will be taking my professional exams next year, so I might have less time for leisure reading?
  4. Meet up with the boyfriend 4x a year – It is sometimes difficult because of the distance, but this is important to keep it going.
  5. Keep doing what I’ve been doing – exercise, low impact lifestyle, healthy relationships with others, budgeting and not to forget, BLOGGING!

What are your new year resolutions? Comment below!


One Reply to “A Year in Review: 2018”

  1. That’s seems like a successful year!

    Good luck at getting fit. This was my resolution for 2015, and now I cannot go a week without doing any sort of physical activity! It will become a lifestyle 🙂

    Maybe you could try to get inspired by minimalist fitness (aka. calisthenics)!


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