Living an eco-conscious life

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The ZeroWaste movement seems to be all the rage now, as our plastic problem is brought to light. While not everyone can be a ZeroWaster due to certain constraints, it is important to note that every effort to reduce our footprint counts. It can be something as simple as, bringing your own bag when grocery shopping, using a reusable bottle / cup when you get coffee, reducing water/electricity usage, or shopping secondhand (saves you money in the process too)!

I am not going to claim that I’ve gone completely Zero Waste, but the following are some examples of what I’ve done ever since I decided to live a more eco-conscious life.

  1. Composting – I use the freezer + Bokashi bin method. Once the fermentation process completes, I will book a taxi to drop them at the nearest compost heap.
  2. Refusing plastic bags – I still use plastic bags as carriers / line my bin, but my usage has decreased significantly since I started. This is also an effect of composting – you don’t have to throw out your trash as frequently.
  3. Buying bread naked – I love eating baguette, but now I’ve made it a point to only buy them naked. I reuse the paper baguette bag that I got.
  4. Making Ecobricks – Ecobrick is a reusable building block that is made by stuffing single-use plastics in a plastic bottle.I also stuff receipts in them, because well, you can’t recycle / compost them so they have nowhere else to go! I do find the activities of cutting plastics rather therapeutic? It also acts as a “punishment” if I have to buy plastic packaged products. I use the plastic bottles that I found in restaurants.
  5. Bringing a reusable cup everywhere – Well, don’t we all have the impulse to buy coffee / boba on the go?
  6. Changing my relationship with clothes – Nowadays, it is second-hand first for me. (I love Refash!) As part of the decluttering effort, I’ve also arranged to donate my old clothes to Kloth, a Malaysian startup that uses textile waste to generate renewable energy.
  7. Not ordering food delivery – It just generates too much waste. I.MUST.RESIST.
  8. Repurposing / Upcycling more – When I finish my facial cream in a tube, I wrap rubber bands around it and ta-daa, you get an effective door stopper. I use biscuit box / ice cream tub / yogurt tub as storage boxes.
  9. Experimenting with DIY – I tried making my own yogurt (it failed the first time) I’m gonna try to make my own toothpaste and see how it goes?
  10. Saying no to single-serving items – But accidents happen…
  11. Not shopping online – It is okay if the packaging is environmentally friendly
  12. Eating less junk – Because trying to go packaging-free means less fast food, frozen food, chips / crisps…

So here are the 12 things I’ve done in trying to live an eco-conscious life. If you have any tips / something to share, let me know!



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