Decluttering Project #2 Food – Managing Food Waste

To tackle the ‘abundance’ clutter of my fridge, I started keeping an inventory list. Using the list, I would take note of what I need to consume in the next couple of days. I think I’ve devised a pretty good strategy in managing my food.

This is the current state of my non-crisper section of the fridge (I share a fridge with my housemates!).


I have:

  1. Overnight oats soaked in water
  2. Kimchi that I need to finish before it expires the end of the month
  3. Prunes that I eat with my oats
  4. illi coffee – when I decide to indulge
  5. Lemon peel as an odor remover!
  6. Marmite (one of my favourite seasonings)
  7. Anchovy stock (not in picture)
  8. Laoganma Black Bean Chilli Oil (not in picture)
  9. Chocolate bars x 2 (Warning: unhealthy snacks)

I decided to declutter my fridge because, when you have too much food, it becomes hard to keep track of them. Inevitably, some of them will turn bad, contributing to food waste. (I don’t like that!) By paring down my fridge, I can manage my food better, and at the same time eliminate the urge to snack -> eating healthier!

For the crisper section, I currently only have:

  1. Lemon x 1
  2. Carrots x 2
  3. Apple x 1
  4. Chinese broccoli x 2 stalks

and how I maintain it is also pretty straight forward – I buy near-expiry food so that I will plan ahead and finish them before they turn bad. I also don’t stockpile – I only buy the food when I need them. These steps can help reduce food waste, a major issue my country, Malaysia is facing. (Link to article)

When my decluttering for food is complete, the next steps will be to embark on a zero waste journey. While it’s relatively easy to get dried foods and fruits package-free, I am still navigating my way to find package-free alternatives for broccoli, tofu and what not. Many have recommended to check out the wet market, but having no wet market within walking distance and cooking only occasionally make the trips rather painful.

It will always be a work-in-progress but I hope you get some useful tips from this post!

Next time, I will also be sharing my composting / fermenting journey 🙂


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