Decluttering Project #1 Beauty

Here’s a funny thing about me. I pretty much live the minimalist way – I like things simple because I’m honestly, a pretty lazy girl. I don’t put on make up, I hate spending money on clothes, I’m not willing to pay for a gym and I clear my credit right after I use them.

However, my previous life is haunting me. There were people telling me that you should stop being such a low maintenance girl, although I feel like these people are just under the influence of the Invisible Hand, i.e. Great Marketing. If everyone is low maintenance, nobody will be spending money, and the economy will go down. Uh oh, doesn’t sound great, does it?

Anyway, let’s get back to the point. I bought too much stuffs (I’m looking at you, great Body Shop discounts) during my previous life, and now I’m on a mission to finish them. I figure that a great way to start is by taking stock of what I actually have, so here we go.

  1. The Body Shop – Body butter x3
  2. The Body Shop – Eye Cream x1
  3. The Body Shop – Cooling Foot Lotion x1
  4. The Body Shop – Toner x1
  5. The Body Shop – Tea Tree Gel x1
  6. The Body Shop – Overnight Serum x1
  7. The Body Shop – Sleeping Mask x1
  8. The Body Shop – Exfoliator x1
  9. Natural Republic – Aloe Vera Gel x1
  10. Cath Kidston – Hand Cream x1
  11. Neutrogena – Hand Cream x1
  12. L’Oreal – Facial Mist x1
  13. Laneige – Lip Mask x1
  14. Aveda – Hair Repair x1
  15. Umberto Giannini – Hair Oil x1
  16. Unknown brand – Hair Oil x1
  17. Innisfree – Day Cream x1
  18. Innisfree – Facial Wash x1
  19. Innisfree – Samples x3
  20. Pond’s – Cold Cream x1
  21. Pond’s – Moisturiser x1
  22. Clarins – Samples x2
  23. Sheet Masks x5

The second step is to categorise them.


The third step is to build them into a routine (i.e. masking every Sunday)


This seems like a pretty heavy routine… but I think it’s a good start to slowly pare down. Why let these things go to waste?

I will come back and update the progress!


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